Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25, 2013

I have a friend who refuses to marry because he can't imagine being in love longer than a few years. But in my opinion, commitment protects the relationship, because there are always going to be moments when you can't imagine being in love, no matter how wonderful that person is. Am I right?

If one definition of insanity is repeating the same actions under the same circumstances and expecting a different result, then forgiveness does not require setting yourself up to be hurt again. So, Charlie Brown, you and Lucy can still be friends; just find someone else to hold the football.

I don't feel sorry for people past the level of grade school who are still making "That's what she said" jokes; I'm too busy feeling bad for people past the level of grade school who don't get them.

I understand the importance of films that depict the struggles of a race, such as Roots, Schindler's List, and 12 Years of Slavery. Meanwhile, let's not forget that while a lot of people are being educated about oppression and inhumanity, a lot of people who aren't capable of controlling their rage are being affected.

Confusion over ObamaCare has led to an increase of criminals scamming people for their money. Everyone, especially those on Medicare, need to know that there is no such thing as an ObamaCare card, and to never give money or personal information (such as a social security number) to anyone.

Imperfection is no excuse; I'm working on self-control: someone who's hurting someone I love gets a little bit of appropriate comeuppance, for a moment, in my head, I do a little happy dance.

A recent study suggests that children who are spanked develop smaller vocabularies. That was the headline. Much lower in the article, in smaller print, it's revealed that this study was non-conclusive and not absolute. But, having been spanked as a child, not only did I not read that far, but I'm not sure what that means.

First, we had planking, then owling; in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a new Internet trend has emerged, called "mamming." The idea is that once women have done this, having a mammogram should be less frightening. After all, it's more important to be hip than to be healthy.

For the woman who has everything: to increade breast cancer awareness, a brassiere has been developed with a bluetooth chip that posts breast examination reminders on Twitter whenever the bra's clasp is undone. See? Technology can be fun!

Admit it: we all know at least one person who hasn't quite understood the concept of skinny jeans.

Agape' -- P

Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013

This speech-to-text software may be a technological marvel, but considering that we often speak faster than we think, and that a number of us tend to ramble, is all the proofreading and revising really worth it?

I often get a kick out of people gossipping about how nosy someone else is.

Repeatedly asking me the same question will not get you a different answer, because even if I was lying when I answered the first time (highly unlikely, by the way), now I'll refuse to give you a different answer because YOU'RE TICKING ME OFF.

I actually feel sorry for the Starbucks Drake guy; I bet when he sent his video, he didn't know it was creepy enough to launch a meme.

It's better to be a genuine unsung hero than a fake,  papier mâché gloryhound.

October 17 was "Spirit Day", observed by people wearing purple, taking a stand against bullying, in support of the LGBT community. Okay, bullying for whatever reason is wrong, but the LGBT community isn't the only victims; people of all ages are being bullied for being tall, short, fat, thin, poor, etc. What day do we support them?

Surviving a wild or even immoral background doesn't make you a hypocrite if you disapprove of such behavior today; even if your priorities haven't changed, today's world is way different from yesterday's, and exponentially more dangerous.

Conrad Murray, the former doctor who will soon be released from incarceration for the involuntary homicide of Michael Jackson, wants his medical license reinstated. His argument is that Jackson is the only patient Murray has ever lost, while other doctors who have lost several patients are still practicing medicine. Is it too soon to suggest that, before making a decision, the licensing board sleep on it?

While a number of people criticized Justin Bieber for disrespecting the Great Wall of China, the Chinese embassy is in favor of the pop star increasing young tourism and commerce. Anybody want cream (as in, Cash Rules Everything Around Me) in their coffee?

How did I avoid pot stickers all these years? They're delightful! One more thing off the bucket list (by the way, is it disrespectful to call it a bucket list when you hope to live forever?).

Agape -- P

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

A revised edition of The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures using even more modern English has been released to enhance understanding scripture. It boggles my mind that some are critical of translating scripture into the complex English language, but don't want to learn Hebrew and Greek.

During an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show this week, Kanye West explained that he understands that paparazzi has to earn a living, but "Don't try to antagonize me. It's not safe for you in this world." Maybe that isn't the best statement to make on national TV while being prosecuted for assaulting a photographer. Ironically, he also proclaimed that he's a genius.

During his warning to the paparazzi, Kanye warned them, "Don't act like you don't know I'm from Chicago." I'm also from Chicago; now I understand why the paparazzi never bothers me. It all makes sense now!

Okay, I'm not proud of this, but my initial reaction to the news that Lindsay Lohan wants to open her own rehab facility was the same as a lot of people: "What, is she high?"

The day after conducting a detailed reconnaissance trip at the Minnesota-St. Paul International Airport, a 9-year-old boy successfully stowed away on a flight to Las Vegas. All I can remember about my ninth year was sixth grade, Schoolhouse Rock, and spending an occasional Saturday with my dad on his second job. I feel like such an under-achiever.

Speaking of air safety, 56% of the commercial pilots recently surveyed by the BBC admitted to falling asleep in the cockpit mid-flight. But that didn't disturb me as much as the 29% who said they woke to find their co-pilots asleep as well!

Chris Brown is reportedly defending Justin Bieber, insisting the young singer is a victim of reverse racism, and being criticized just because he hangs out with black people. My initial reaction was the same as a lot of people: "Really?"

Okay, I'm really working on my self-restraint right now. I will not make fun of the friends who know that I have voicemail instead of an answering machine, yet still leave messages saying, "Are you there? Pick up the phone!" But you know who you are.

A number of people (granted, not a large number) were surprised by the news that reality TV celebrity couple Bruce and Kris Jenner, after 20+ years of marriage, have separated. Bruce reportedly moved out in June; speculation is that Kris only recently noticed.

A homeowner and his wife are being threatened with legal action by the parents of a teenage girl who became pregnant by another guest during an unsupervised house party where alcohol was readily available. While homeowners are indeed culpable for what goes on in their home, this just demonstrates what happens when there are more lawsuits than morals.

Agape' -- P

Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013

Not that I needed the self-esteem boost, but guess what I discovered after slobbing peanut butter off my finger? I taste great!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; I know that every little bit helps, but along with choosing to buy a product or service that will donate a small percentage of its profit to research, how about skipping on the purchase and donating the entire cost yourself?

This isn't a political statement, but it amuses me that the administration made a point of announcing that, during the government shutdown, no interns will be in the west wing of the oval office, possibly because of what happened the last time.

One of the scheduled events that has been cancelled because of the government shutdown is a rally for the Klu Klux Klan scheduled for a Gettysburg national park. Some have expressed surprise that the KKK is still around; some aren't surprised at all.

AMC movie theaters has announced that federal employees who are on the unpaid furlough because of the government shutdown will be able to get a free small popcorn at their theaters. While they said buying a movie ticket is not necessary, how many people are going to travel to the movie theater just to get a free small popcorn?

I don't get that people are surprised that Miley Cyrus has admitted that her antics are a calculated bid for attention. I thought that was obvious. Personally, I'm just turned off by the message that infamy is better than good taste. But that's just me.

Yet another note to Justin Bieber: not only is having your bodyguards carry you up the Great Wall of China way disrespectful, but it way contradicts your "I'm a tough guy" image campaign.

A Montana man's dog ate five $100 bills. The owner waited days, analyzed his pet's poop, collected the soiled, shredded fragments, washed them, dried them, pasted them together, mailed them to the U.S. Treasury (imagine the person who opened that envelope), and was reimbursed with a $500 check. While I am certainly happier that I don't have any bills for my dog to eat, I can't help wondering how much money my dog would have to eat for me to go through that. How about you? By the way, the owner was quoted as actually saying, "It was great to get the check after all the crap I went through."

It's like washing your car to make it rain; the moment you start to feel compassion for a person with so little character that they repeatedly hurt you, they do it again. But you're in good company; it happens to Jehovah, too.

Did you know that there's an annual festival in Massachusetts celebrating marshmallow Fluff, and a movement to get the Fluffernutter named the state sandwich? I hate feeling left out of news that really matters!

Agape' -- P