Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

Chicago is in the middle of a heat wave; I am sorry for the handful of people I have personally encountered who, from their behavior, are apparently the only ones affected.

I just heard Sharon Osbourne wonder aloud why some women think that uprooting their lives and relocating is the cure for a broken heart. I know why! Because it worked for Mary Richards.

Diet math: a product labelled 50% fat free means you can have twice as much. Why does that sound so logical?

I wouldn't have to lose weight if someone would invent something that will double my height. Science has really let me down.

I just realized that I've had a "work wife" on every job I've ever had. Didn't know I was a playa, did you? Recognize.

A gun range in Texas has a promotion offering birthday parties for children over 7 years of age, complete with classes to teach the handling and use of bb guns and rifles. Remember the days when you could use the TV to babysit your kids?

If you're going to sound hip, try checking before you speak. I just heard a woman react to a surprise by saying, "Close the front door!"

Some are criticizing a proposed New York City law to discourage cab drivers from taking prostitutes as fares, because profiling is discriminatory. The response from black men: "So?"

I'm still unclear on why this bothers me so. but I watched TMZ's coverage of the lackluster on-air goodbye given by Ann Curry's Today show co-workers. There was no tribute, no film retrospective, and the only tears shed were her own. There were brief comments about a handful of the groundbreaking stories she has covered in the past 15 years. I so wanted to hear her ask, "So, then, why are you all replacing me?"

A mockingbird that won't sing, a diamond ring that turns brass, a broken looking glass, a billy goat that won't pull, a cart and bull that keeps falling down... does anyone have a worse track record of buying gifts than the father in Hush Little Baby? I think the baby would still be the sweetest thing in town without all that worthless crap.

Agape'-- P

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

Thinking before you speak is truly an act of love. The wrong word from a loved one can do more damage than a fist from an enemy.

Don't tell me it hurts you more than it hurts me unless you can prove it.

Spite is not the ideal motivator, but it's pretty effective in a pinch.

Sometimes you suffer through pain so you have cred to help someone else with the same pain.

I'm sorry if I get too familiar with the people at the resorts, hotels, and cruise lines who are just trying to do their jobs. I blame the Love Boat; they're the ones who taught us we'd be making lifelong pen pals out of Issac, Gopher, and Julie McCoy.

Finding out you didn't see the squirrel before you ran it over doesn't help the squirrel now, does it?

While parents have the primary responsibility for their children's behavior, they aren't the only influence. How many of us caved to peer pressure or mob mentality, and at least momentarily made choices we "weren't raised that way"?

I find it ironic that Charlie Sheen is starring in Anger Management, while Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin need it.

A San Antonio, Texas schoolteacher was fired for encouraging a slap attack from her class of 6-year-olds onto the class bully. Meanwhile, over $400,000 was raised for a Rochester, New York middle school bus monitor after a video of students cruelly bullying her (to the point of tears!) went viral. My childhood seems so far away.

I feel bad for Ann Curry, the Today show co-host who's allegedly being blamed (and fired!) for the show's recent drop in ratings, falling behind Good Morning, America. And that really surprises me, since I never watch either show.

Agape' -- P